Ikonomov Law

Our expertise and knowledge is focused on commercial, corporate, property and administrative law. We have experience covering real estate transactions, commercial contracts, collateral deals, relations with business partners and competitors, accounts receivable collection, relations with state and municipal authorities and others.

Real Estate


Real Estate

Ikonomov Law has extensive experience in real estate transactions and property law.

We offer our customers various services in this regard:

  • Legal analysis of real estate to establish ownership, administrative aspects and opportunities for realization;
  • Consulting in all phases of real estate transactions;
  • Conducting negotiations and preparing a comprehensive strategy for real estate transactions;
  • Structuring and financing of investments in real estate;
  • Analysis and preparation of construction contracts;
  • Legal assistance in real estate management;

Real Estate Transactions

Buying an apartment or a house is one of the most significant and desired steps for most families. At the same time, properties, like people, have their own biography of events and transactions during their existence. Since events and transactions are legal in nature, their analysis requires competent legal knowledge. Good understanding and correct interpretation of this biography gives us valuable information about the property and is one of the determining factors for the future deal. Sometimes the legal risks are serious enough to justify walking away from the deal, while other times they can be used to negotiate a price reduction.

Thanks to our experience in real estate deals, we perform a complex legal analysis of the property you wish to purchase

Reading the property’s biography we:

  • Establish the actual owners at the moment, as well as the persons who have rights to the property;
  • Research and explain all legal risks related to the property, owners and previous owners;
  • Look for problems with the builder or investor related to the property;
  • Analyze the administrative aspects of the property and the resulting risks;
  • Establish what documents we need to obtain for a final opinion on specific legal risks;
  • Advise on the deal structure and explain the advantages and disadvantages of different possibilities;
  • Provide legal assistance in concluding bank credit agreements;
  • Prepare preliminary and final contracts for a real estate deals or analyze given draft contracts;
  • Assist in negotiations and dispute resolution related to the deal, as well as in concluding a preliminary and final contract;
  • Analyze the facts of legal importance for the future realization of the property;

Our aim is to communicate clearly and accurately all the results of the legal analysis carried out so that you are informed and prepared when deciding to purchase a particular property at a specific price. And when a decision is made to purchase a property, we are ready to assist in all phases of the deal. It is important for us to provide certainty and peace of mind when buying real estate.